Level Three (PGtG)

The Tears of Luna are said to be a foolproof way of determining the guilt of the author of a serious crime such as deliberate violation of the Litany or rape or murder, this rite is invoked. The suspected offender is first subject to markings on his body made by the ritemaster. Generally this mark can be the shape of the offender's auspice glyph carved with silver and painted a silvery color. The offender is then splashed with ice-cold water, and exiled for one phase of the moon, starting with his own auspice. From that day to the next moon the offender believes that all rain that falls on him is liquid silver. The rain actually causes him harm, and he is unable to soak or heal these wounds. The wounds themselves are illusory. If the offender is innocent, he does not take any real damage from this “silver” rain, only believes that he does, but if guilty he suffers aggravated damage. Assuming he survives, the violator nonetheless suffers terribly.

System: The one moon this trial lasts the suspected criminal cannot replenish his Gnosis. The drops of rain hitting him feels like shards of silver driving into his skin. The 'silver' does one point of aggravated damage per rainfall. The suspected offender can spend Willpower to ignore the illusion for the duration of one scene, but he cannot heal any of the wounds caused by the silver rain until the trial is over.

For some reason, it always seems to rain just a little bit more when this rite is invoked.

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