Rite of Talisman DedicationEdit

This rite allows a Garou to bind objects to her body, allowing these objects to fit the Garou's various forms (jeans will grow to accommodate the size increase of the Crinos form, etc.) and accompany the Garou into the Umbra. Such talismans are most commonly mundane items, for spiritual items such as fetishes and talens automatically remain with the Garou in all forms. A Garou most often performs this rite during the phase of the moon under which he was born. Each auspice has its own peculiar ritual.


The cost is one Gnosis point per object dedicated, and a Garou may never have more objects bound to himself than his Gnosis score. Certain particularly large objects (Storyteller's discretion) are considered more than one of the purpose of "cost". For the purposes of Dedication, an entire set of clothing is considered one item.

The Storyteller and the player should decide what happens to the object when the character assumes certain forms. For example, when the character assumes Crinos form, her backpack's straps may simply grow to fit around her shoulders (although the pack still cannot hold more items than normal). When the character is in Hispo form, her knife may meld with her body. In such cases, the object will appear as a tattoo; others must spend a Willpower point to remove the object from the character.

  • Note on Dedicated Items: A full set of clothing (top, bottom, undergarments, shoes, socks, coats, and so on) counts as one item. The idea here is that if you don't intend to use it in another form (glabro being the exception, since it can use most human items normally), the item counts as part of a character's 'full set'.
    • Additional accessories count as additional items. A weapon is one item (including a loaded gun). An additional clip of bullets is one item. A holstered weapon can be dedicated as part of the note full set of clothing, but if this is the case, it can not be recovered when a character shifts, and is only available in non-wolf forms. Items in pockets are likewise unavailable in any other form, but do not take extra dots of Gnosis.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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