Rite of Spirit SummoningEdit

Garou mystics are adept at calling spirits. This ability can range from summoning minor Gafflings to invoking totem spirits to seeking counsel with Incarna. Summoning spirits involves complex rituals, long periods of meditation and tribal mantra chanting. Within the spirit world this process is far easier. This rite compels spirits to seek those who call them; furthermore, once the summoning is successfully completed, the spirit cannot escape its caller and must attend the mystic. Many spirits, particularly minor ones, are too weak to resist a powerful summoning; powerful ones come out of curiosity. The chance of a successful summoning depends upon the skill of the mystic, the power of the spirit, and the strength of the area's Gauntlet.


The ritemaster must pierce the Gauntlet just as if he were entering the Umbra (Gnosis roll against the Gauntlet). A mystic already within the Umbra is not required to pierce the Gauntlet. The power level of the spirit determines the difficulty level of a successful summoning. The Storyteller can determine target numbers from the chart below:

Spirit Type Target Number
Gaffling 4
Jaggling 5
Totem Avatar 7
Incarna 8-9
Celestine Avatar 10

For each hour the Garou spends invoking the spirit, his target number drops by one. No target number may fall below 3. The Garou must then make a Gnosis roll OR a Wits+Rituals roll and achieve as many successes as possible, with the following results:

Successes Effect
1 Spirit comes eventually and is initially hostile
2 Spirit manifests quickly, but is initially hostile
3 Spirit comes immediately and is neutral
4 Spirit comes immediately and is passively benign
5 Spirit comes immediately and is friendly

A botched roll is likely to have disastrous results. Often a botch summons the wrong type of spirit in great numbers or with great hostility. Botches can quite easily cause a swarm of Banes to appear.

The Storyteller should feel free to adjust the above tables as she wishes. In certain cases, a Garou who attempts to summon a specific spirit will have no chance of success; at other times, he will have almost no chance of failure. The Storyteller is advised to treat each use of this rite individually and to use common sense in her decisions.

A Garou who successfully summons an Incarna avatar gains two points of Wisdom.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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