Stone of ScornEdit

The Stone of Scorn is a rock imbued with malicious spirit personifications of shame, sorrow, and the like. Some septs have a permanent Stone of Scorn to which an offender is dragged, although most merely imbue a small stone with mocking energies. Starting with the ritemaster, this stone is passed to each Garou present at the rite. The scorned Garou is forced by his septmates to site and watch. As each Garou receives the stone, he carves or paints a symbol of derision, shame, etc. onto it while telling a mocking or embarrassing tale about the offending behaviour and other flaws of the scorned Garou. Moon Dancers are particularly creative in their verbal portrayals of the miscreant. This rite often lasts all night, with successive stories becoming more and more outrageous and derogatory. Once the night ends, so does the punishment, although the best stories and insults are often whispered behind the offender's back for some time to come. Such behaviour causes the Garou to lose Renown for a time.


Standard roll. The punished Garou usually loses eight points of Honor and two points of Wisdom until he performs an honorable deed, thus removing the taint of scorn.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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