Note: This is a hengeyokai rite only.

Rite of the Spirit TattooEdit

(Level Four) This peculiar rite is used to arm hengeyokai going on particularly dangerous missions. It involves binding a summoned spirit into the subject's skin, where it takes the form of a tattoo. When the hengeyokai calls on the spirit's power, the spirit will manifest its power in the form of one of its Charms -- a Dragon-spirit tattoo might uncoil from the shapeshifter's torso and breathe a gout of fire on her foes, while an armored Ancestor-spirit might materialize into the solid world and attack. Once the spirit has performed its one service, it leaves; these tattoos are effectively talens bound into the shapeshifter's skin.


The spirit must first be called with the Rite of Summoning and persuaded to enter the tattoo. The ritemaster must roll Wits + Rituals (difficulty 8). Each success grants the spirit five points of Power to spend on the appropriate Charm (Blast Flame, Create Wind, Healing, Lightning Bolts and Materialize are favorites). If successful, the spirit appears on a blank area of the subject's skin in tattoo form: the more Power invested, the larger the Tattoo.

To activate the tattoo, the hengeyokai must roll Gnosis, difficulty 8. If successful, the spirit emerges and the tattoo fades. Spirit tattoos count as dedicated items; a shapeshifter can never have a total of spirit tattoos and dedicated items that is greater than his permanent Gnosis rating.

Source: Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters of the East

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