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Speaking of the Name[]

Level One

Names have power; thus, all Bastet change their birth names to new titles during their First Year. This rite, performed by the Tekhmet and kuasha together, "seals" that new name and makes it part of the cat. Traditionally, the Swara mark this rite (and the apprentice) with a ceremonial tattoo, usually across the initiate's chest. The Balam often pieces the newcomer's lip, earlobe or nostrils with a jeweled plug. Simba and Khan mark the rite with a hunt, usually of a human target, in which the initiate tastes the blood of her first kill as a Bastet. Pumonca and Qualmi send their kits on short visionquests, take them to sweat lodges, or offer them ordeal rituals like the Sioux sun dance, while the Ceilican bless their new members in old faerie rings. The more ceremonial Bagheera and Bubasti perform elaborate and formal rites to welcome their offspring; these rituals, which might take as long as a day to complete, often involve two or more elders who have been invited to attend.

System: Aside from a standard roll, a new name and the ritual needs of the tribal ceremonies, this rite requires nothing special.

Source: Bastet