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Rite of the SparrowEdit

The Rite of the Sparrow is performed when the Garou of a sept or pack wish to provide aid or support to a Garou of their number who is currently on a quest of some sort. The Garou performing the rite can only see his target when the questing Garou is traveling within one of the Umbras or is within sight of water. In order to perform the rite, the ritemaster must dip a small bird's feet (usually a sparrow's) into a mixture of blood and ashes. The ritemaster then dabs some of the same mixture onto the Garou before she embarks on her quest. The ritemaster then settles into a trance from which he can watch the questor's progress. If the questing Garou is injured or is otherwise in need of aid, the ritemaster may draw on his own strength and the strength of any other Garou who have participated in the ritual to aid their companion. This aid can come in the form of healing, Gnosis or the transfer of an object to the questor. When such help is given, the ritemaster releases the marked sparrow into the air. More than one sparrow may be mused during a given rite.


The rite requires the expenditure of one Gnosis point to create the bond. An additional Gnosis point must be spent whenever any help is granted the questor. Only one act can be performed per sparrow freed. In addition, any healing done does damage to the ritemaster or other designated ritual participant. Thus, the damage is actually transferred, not healed. The same is true for Gnosis. Additionally, the Garou participating in the rite must have the object they wish to transfer with them. Placing the sparrow on the object initiates its transfer.

Source: Werewolf Storyteller's Handbook

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