Level Two - Black Furies perform this rite on human women and children that have suffered at the hands of an abusive spouse or parent. Such abuse can harm the soul in ways still unknown to the Black Furies, but it is certain that sufficient abuse can open a shole wide enough for a Wyrmling to crawl into. It is in the Furies' nature to stop such a fate, and while it is their modus operandi to put a halt to such abuse (violently, if need be), Soothe the Scars is one of the Furies' best tools for healing abuse once it has been stopped.

The rite itself is designed to put the victims at ease immediately; the smoke of gentle incense and scented candles should fill the air, and inoffensive, soft music - not necessarily 'spiritual' music; folk songs or children's music are equally appropriate - should play. In the case of victimes not acquainted the Gaian spirituality, prayers are offered to the 'spirit of motherhood across the world', though prayers to Gaia can be said in their place. Memories of abuse are coaxed from the victim, and each one is symbolically cast into a purifying fire. When the rite is over, the victim can begin the long road to real spiritual healing without risking a fall backward into a dangerous cycle of self-degradation.

System: The Soothe the Scars rite functions according to the nromal rules for performing a rite, but has limited game mechanical effects. Typically, this is a subject for roleplaying when the Furies hope to aid victims of abuse (hopefully, after dealing with their tormentors). The Storyteller may elect to give the subjects of a successful Sooth the Scars rite an extra Willpower Traint to resist further self-destructive impulses or Derangements related to their abuse, which can aid in the process of recovery.

Source: Black Fury tribebook, revised

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