Rite of the Song DuelEdit

(Level Two) This rite enables the settling of feuds without resorting to bloodshed. Although Garou may use this ceremony to resolve differences between themselves, it is more commonly used on behalf of warring Kinfolk.


The participants in the rite take turns deriding their opponent through insulting songs accompanied by appropriate dance movements. After one party has completed his song, the other participant has the right to respond in an attempt to best his dueling partner. The rite ends when one of the duelers fails to reply with a more insulting or demeaning song than his rival.

No roll is necessary, since this rite should be simluated through role-playing, with the Storyteller as the final arbiter of who gains the victory. The loser loses one point of temporary Glory from her Renown score. If done on behalf of her Kinfolk rather than herself, the Garou also loses any influence she has over those particular individuals for one month.

Source: Croatan Song.

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