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Sky HuntsEdit

All major astrological consolations are important to the Stargazers, but the lunar eclipses have special importance to the tribe. During such eclipses, many Stargazers embark on a rite known as a Sky Hunt. As in many things, the Stargazers differ from their brethren Garou when it comes to tribal rites. Sky Hunts are individual rites, or they involve at most a mentor and her student, for the Stargazers believe each individual must journey alone into the void to seek the truth of her own philosophy just as the first Stargazer, Myridia (or Klaital or Mnemis or many other names beside), traveled to the End of the World only to find herself at its center.

Any Stargazer capable of performing this rite inevitably journeys on her own Sky Hunt at the time of the lunar eclipse. The Stargazers believe Gaia's true light is easier to grasp during a lunar eclipse than at any other time. The dazzling light of the moon is a distraction, just as the obvious, the profane, can dazzle the eyes of the student from the quiet inner light of the sacred. When beginning a Sky Hunt, the Stargazer looks into a polished silver mirror, a pool of still water or other reflective surface, and calmly watches the moon begin to disappear in shadow. As the first edges of the moon dissolve into darkness, the Stargazer wills herself to do likewise.

She moves out of her body into the mirror, and from there into what some members of the World Tree camp refer to as the Astral Plane, or the Heavens or Upper World. While traveling this strange and fluid domain, each Stargazer looks for the truth in her own way. She can continue her Sky Hunt until the last shadow slips from the moon's surface, at which time she finds herself back in her body. Except for a certain number of the World Tree camp, the Stargazers are unable to enter this revelatory aspect of the universe except during the time of the Sky Hunt.


Stargazers who successfully complete this rite actually enter the Astral Plane (or Astral Umbra) for the duration of the rite eclipse. Their physical bodies remain behind, thus they may travel to places normally inaccessible to the Garou. If the rite is botched, the Garou separates from her body but is unable to enter the Astral Umbra. Such a Garou is trapped until someone covers the reflective surface used in the rite. Stargazers have been known to become forever lost in such situations, their bodies dying while their spirit lives on. It is a terrible thing, since they may not be reclaimed by Gaia until they find a way to return to their bodies and true death.

More details on the Astral, or Upper, World can be found in Mage Sourcebooks.

Source: Werewolve Storyteller's Handbook

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