Rite of the Silver Forge (Rank 4)Edit

This rare punishment rite is reserved for culprits who have proven themselves to be demonstrably tainted yet who are deemed to yet have some hope of redemption. If performed correctly, this rite creates a direct link between the target and the Near Realm of Erebus; the next time the target steps sideways, she appears in Erebus rather than the Penumbra, and cannot leave until Charyss has deemed her "cleansed." This rite works only against Garou targets; non-Garou do not possess the proper connection to Erebus in the first place.


The rite is handled with the usual roll for a punishment rite (Charisma + Rituals, difficulty 7). The participants must know the target and must believe wholeheartedly that she is guilty of crimes against Gaia, but capable of repenting. The rite participants do not have to be in the presence of the target - all that is required is that the know the target's Garou name and be within 100 miles of the target. Upon successful completion of the rite, the ritemaster must then make a Gnosis roll (difficulty of the target's Gnosis).

If the rite is cast unjustly, the ritemaster suffers the effect instead, and must account for his lack of fair judgment in Erebus the next time he tries to enter the Umbra.

Source: Umbra: The Velvet Shadows

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