(Level 3)

This rite is inspired by the Gurahl's ability to tear open the Gauntlet and allow access to the Umbra via a less subtle, but just as effective manner as the typical Garou method. Since it's not always viable to cross over by stepping sideways, especially when others can't quite follow, Beren Akana invented a slightly unusual method: Slicing open the Gauntlet with a silver knife empowered by Luna's light.


First, the ritemaster must temporarily infuse the silver knife with Luna's radiance. To do so, he must roll his Gnosis at a difficulty that varies depending on the phase of the moon (4 for full, 5 for gibbous, 6 for half, 7 for crescent). Obviously, Luna's face must be visible for the knife to draw any power from her light. Only one success is necessary, and will cause the knife to glow with a warm, silvery light until the conclusion of this rite (or its interruption). A failure on this roll means nothing happens; a botch results in the ritemaster taking one unsoakable aggravated damage as the knife is consumed with a brief flash of silvery light that promptly fades.

Assuming success, the player then spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Rituals versus a difficulty of the local Gauntlet. The time it takes for the knife to carve a doorway through the Gauntlet depends on the number of successes gained in the roll. One success means that it takes the ritemaster thirty minutes to pierce the Gauntlet. Each subsequent success reduces that time by five minutes. If six or more successes are rolled, the Gauntlet parts easily and instantaneously. If a fail is rolled, Luna's light is lost and may not be summoned again for one hour. If the roll is botched, the knife's blade snaps off and is lost in the Gauntlet.

The door remains open until the ritemaster crosses through, or a number of minutes equal to the successes on the ritemaster's Rituals roll. At any time, the ritemaster may close the door by tracing it with the silver knife. Once the door closes, the light emanating from the knife fades, and it can not be used again for another hour. Only one doorway may be opened at a time in this manner.

  • Note: The Doorway is only ever large enough to fit one Crinos-sized individual through at a time.
  • Note the second: The silver knife may incite frenzy checks in nearby Garou as normal for brandishing a silver weapon.

NOTE: This Rite is currently proprietary to Beren Akana. Please talk to Fenris before taking this rite.

Source: Homebrew

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