Rite of Silent Attunement (Level 1 Mystic Rite)Edit

While not exactly a secret, the specifics of this rite are known only to the tribal elders of the Sept of the Looking Glass. Essentially the same rite as Talisman Dedication, this rite binds one of the Silent Circle fetishes to a tribal elder and indoctrinates them into the Silent Council. Doing so ensures that the fetish in question will work fully for that elder, and the spirits within will be amicable towards them.

Silent Circle fetishes are sacred objects, and so mistreating them is a serious offense. If a fetish should be mistreated and used for mundane purposes, the spirits within will bar that elder from using their abilities (and thus remove attunement) until proper Contrition is given to the Council. Assuming the Council (and the spirits) forgive that elder, this rite will have to be performed again to re-attune the fetish.

An additional consequence to losing access to a Silent Circle fetish is immediate suspension from the Council.


The rite master draws two concentric circles in whatever manner suits her - one significantly larger than the other - and has the target of this rite sit in the inner circle. The rite master then places the fetish to be attuned in the outer circle directly behind the target. The rite master then poses a series of questions to the target to examine their loyalty to their tribe, the Council, and the Sept. The rite master then has the target recite the Silent Circle creed while slicing the target's hands with a silver dagger and spending a Gnosis point. The target is then forced to make a rage roll; willpower may be spent as normal. If the target frenzies or thralls, the rite fails. The target is then directed to turn and pick up the fetish, lifting it in an arc over their heads, and place it directly in front of them. If the target is Wyrm tainted, the fetish does nothing. Success is indicated by a steady silver glow around the object. The target is then directed to pick up the fetish, which then promptly ceases to glow. The fetish is now attuned.

Source: Homebrew

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