Rite of ShameEdit

There are tasks a Lord performs for his tribe and his race that could never be acknowledged at a public moot. The Rite of Shame is a way for Shadow Lords to secretly gain temporary Renown at a shadow moot without revealing their activities to the rest of the Garou.

The spirits summoned during this variant of the Rite of Accomplishment are the same as the spirits summoned in a public moot. They will acknowledge successful tasks performed for the Garou Nation, but only other Lords will know of the actual events. The spirits are the great equalizer in this; they understand the darker truths behind the Garou. In this same sense, the Storyteller must ensure that this additional Renown has been earned. Pleasing the Grand Master of a shadow moot is not enough to earn Renown; the Lords must answer to "higher authorities" as well.

These temporary points cannot be used to gain permanent Renown until the Lord advances in Rank or gains a political position within the sept. In other words, once the Lord has succeeded in furthering his ambition, he may be able to justify his activities. Before his ascendance, only other members of his shadow moot will know of and respect this renown, but once he gains power, he will receive further accolades.


Depending on the Shadow Lord's deeds, the Storyteller may grant him temporary Renown for tasks that would not be deemed "honourable" by other Garou. If the end arguably justifies the means, the Storyteller may award the Lord a fitting amount of temporary Glory, Honor or Wisdom. Let common sense be your guide - no Gaian spirit will acknowledge Renown for deeds worthy of the Black Spiral Dancers.

Source: Shadow Lord Sourcebook

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