Satire RiteEdit

A more serious version of the Stone of Scorn, a Satire Rite is a special song, dance and/or drama crafted by the Half Moons and Moon Dancers for the sole purpose of ridiculing the offender. This rite is always performed at a moot while the offender is in full view of the sept. Because the Garou keep careful oral histories, the Satire will be remembered and passed down through the ages. Any Garou so "honored" loses much Renown. Children will snicker as they sing lewd verses, and adults will forever use some of the wittier quotes and embarrassing movements when referring to the offender. While such stories are usually confined to members of the offender's own tribe, Tricksters and Moon Dancers are all too happy to spread the new Satire to any Garou they encounter.


The difficulty of this rite is the offender's current Rank + 4. If successful, the offender loses one permanent Rank level (reduce his Renown to the beginning amounts for the next lowest Rank). The Garou can earn new Renown and Rank normally. If this rite fails, the Garou loses no Rank, while a botch causes the ritemaster to lose five points of Wisdom as she becomes the object of the rite.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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