Rite of Sacred RebirthEdit

This rite allows the caster to become a Garou, but only after successfully gather the skins of five Garou. Each of these skins must be prepared using an ointment made of very rare herbs and minerals, and each must be taken under the same moon stage. This ritual can take an incredible amount of time to prepare, and the pelts of the Garou must be constantly preserved under the same moon sigh they were killed under. The pelts may be years apart, so long as they are always preserved in the proper way.

The final ceremony must again come under the same moon stage and must be completed in under one hour. The caster rolls Wits + Rituals against a difficulty of 9. Only one success is required. At the end of the ceremony, the skins of the five victims will merge into the caster, forever becoming a part of the caster's body. There is no known reversal for this ritual. When completed, the caster will be Garou. He will be tainted by the Wyrm (Corruption 7, see above), unless the Garou willingly gave of their skins for him.

Source: Skin-Dancer

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