Rite of Passage: Red Talon Style[edit | edit source]

The Red Talon Rite of Passage is conducted in the deepest wilderness. The pup or pups who are to undergo the rite are prepared by a night-long vigil in the heart of a caern. At first light, the young Garou are released, to run swiftly in the bright dawn of Gaia. The pups run until they come to the edge of a human settlement - this is often a long run, as Red Talons caerns are as far away as possible from the filth of humanity. The young Talons must then enter the outskirts and hunt a human. Their prey must be someone who is actively involved in the human's destruction of the wilderness. (Many Red Talons believe that every human fits this description.) They must hunt their chosen prey, often a Pentex employee or the like, and herd him, alive, from the city. They human must be chased or dragged back to the caern without dying, where he will form the end of the pups' Rite of Passage. The Red Talons then slay the human in front of their new pack and present the corpse to the alpha for acceptance. It is expected that the victim chosen will be (at least initially) able to defend himself against the cubs (though not many humans can defend themselves effectively from Garou), and before they are accepted into the pack, the pups are always examined for the scars that demonstrate their initial fight to capture the human.

Source: Red Talon Sourcebook

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