Rite of PassageEdit

After a cub undergoes his First Change and becomes aware that he is Garou, he must undergo his Rite of Passage. Garou are not accorded adulthood or respect until they pass this seminal rite; they are mere cubs until that time. This rite is a dangerous quest meant to prove the Garou's courage, honor and wisdom through harsh trials. However, few cubs undergo this rite alone; they are often joined by their pack-to-be, other cubs who are also coming of age at the same time. This would-be pack is sent out into the world with a definite goal to achieve, and forbidden to return until it has tried its best to accomplish this goal. Different tribes impose different goals. A Wendigo rite often takes the form of a visionquest, while the Get send their cubs into combat with Wyrm-spawn. Invisible spirits sometimes accompany the cubs in order to watch over them and report their doings to the elders.

If the cubs succeed in their quest, a ritemaster performs this rite upon them, marking them with a pictogram that brands them as full-fledged Garou. These pictograms are usually painted, but the Red Talons carve them into the flesh of the young heroes.

If the cubs fail, however, they are continued to be considered second-class citizens until another opportunity to prove themselves arises.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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