Rite of RenunciationEdit

In this rare rite, a Garou rejects the auspice under which he was born and chooses a new auspice. The rite must be performed during the phase of the moon the Garou wished to embrace. Water from a silver basin exposed to Luna's radiance is poured over the naked Garou, washing him clean of all he once was, including all Rank. He is now free to start anew as a member of his adopted auspice. Well, almost free - many Garou view such a "Shifting Moon" with suspicion. The Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs in particular see this rite as a grave insult to Luna and are loathe to trust those Garou who cannot bear the weight of their assigned burdens.


A Garou who changes auspice must start anew at Rank One. Although the Garou may keep any Gifts already learned, he may never learn new Gifts from his old auspice. However, Gifts of his adopted auspice are now available to him. Sometimes this rite is performed for purposes other than shifting auspice, such as when a Garou wishes to give up his name and start over in Garou society. (See Renunciation, pp. 195-196.)

  • Although a Garou may give up their name and tribe through this rite, no tribe is under any obligation to take them in. Should a tribe wish to adopt them, however, this is usually done through the Rite of Adoption.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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