Rite of Rending of the VeilEdit

Sometimes known as Actaeon's Folly, this rite is used to punish a human who greatly offends the Garou. The offense does not have to be against Gaia or her children. This rite drops the Veil, forcing a human to see and remember the Garou for the duration of an all-night hunt. The ritemaster leaves a small bag of burning dung and herbs near the sleeping victim. When the victim awakens, the Veil has been burned away from his mind. The following hunt may or may not end in the human's death. Those humans left alive are often rendered insane, their unprepared minds unable to accept the truth revealed by the rite. Some few, however, actually overcome their fear and heal.


The ritemaster must place the specially prepared bag of dung and herbs within 10 feet of where the victim sleeps. The bag will begin to smolder when the ritemaster performs the rite. The ritemaster does not need to be near the bag to enact the rite. Failure leaves the Veil intact, a botch causes the Garou herself to fall under the Delirium for one night.

Remember: only the Crinos form causes a Delirium reaction, although the Storyteller, in certain circumstances, may allow a Glabro or Hispo to instill it.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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