Autumn: Rejuvenate the SoilEdit

(Level One) In the earliest days of agriculture, and even before the advent of agriculture, when humans hunted for meat and gathered fruits and vegetables as they could, they were fully aware that spending too long in one place would leach life from the soil. When tending to herds of mortals still mattered to the Black Furies, they taught their charges the ways of the Earth Mother; Rejuvenate the Soil is one of those secrets.

The planter takes a pound of seeds from the choicest crop produced or gathered this year, and burns that mass in a bronze bowl while murmuring prayers to Gaia in her guise as Demeter. She must insure that no ashes or cinders leave the fire, lest the ritual lose its efficacy. When the fire is complete, the Fury mixes in a few drops of her own blood. Using a labrys, the Fury next carves a glyph of fertility -- at least three feet across and preferably larger -- into the soil at the center of the area to be affected. She then smears or pours the blood-ash mixture into the glyph. An area radiating out from the glyph will regain some of its bounty over the winter.


The player should roll Stamina+Survival (difficulty 6, unless the area is a former blight,in which case it must be ritually cleansed and even then the difficulty is 7 the first year). Each success yields an acre of improved crop land for the next year.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook

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