Rite of ReconciliationEdit

(Level Three) An unfortunate truth of Garou society is that feuds occur all too often. If not for rites such as this, werewolves might be even scarcer than they already are. Two warring Garou who have decided to end their feuding must confirm their resolve in the eyes of Gaia. This also applies if an elder or one of higher Rank intervenes and demands an end to the bickering. The preparations for reconciliation involve clearing a circle of ground, in the center of which a pit is dug. Placed next to this hole is a ribbon of twined hair from the heads of the rivals. Under the direction of the ritemaster, the two observe the three stages of Reconciliation.

First is Intent: The two Garou stand on either side of the hole that symbolizes the rift between them. Their arms outstretched, empty hands palm upward, each in turn loudly declares to the assembled sept his determination to end the feud: "Before my brothers and sisters I, (Garou's full name), say my actions have been base. I say I have wasted my blood-fire and I say I have offended mother Gaia, my pack, my sept and my tribe. I declare my intent to end here and now this useless feuding and take again to my heart my sister (enemy's full name)."

For the second part of the rite, Substantiation, each Garou must choose a symbol of aggression. This is most commonly a weapon: a favorite knife or firearm. Both items are placed in the hole and buried by the ritemaster.

The third stage is Confirmation, in which the rivals must signal their acceptance of one another. As the two clasp each other's forearms, their wrists are tightly bound with their braided hair. The two now join in a single howl of appeasement, directed at the heavens. The reconciliation is complete. If a Garou chooses to break the bond-pact she may be declared a criminal in the eyes of the sept. This rite is also used when larger groups are at odds; in this case, each side chooses a representative to participate. Europeans tend to merely break their chosen weapons rather than bury them. Fetish weapons are never sacrificed in this way.


To attract Gaia's attention, the ritemaster must make a Charisma+Rituals roll, difficulty of 6. If successful, Gaia approves and the rite has "taken." If the ex-rivals sincerely wish to settled their differences, each must convince the sept with a Willpower roll, difficulty equal to his Rage. If successful, the antagonists gain 1 Honor each; otherwise they must convince the sept with their actions over the coming months.

Source: Werewolf: The Wild West

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