Rite of the Questing StoneEdit

This rite allows the Garou to find someone or something. The Garou must know the name of the object or individual. The difficulty of the rite is reduced if the Garou has some piece of the object or person (for example, a clipping of hair or piece of cloth). The Garou must dangle a stone or needle from a thread while concentrating on the item or person sought. Glass Walkers often use maps and substitute a compass for the traditional stone and thread.

N.B. Questing Stone takes upwards of ten minutes to cast, and that it is more a tool for triangulation than as some kind of ritualistic hunting hound. If the hunted object is moving, QS is almost useless for that reason.


Standard roll. If the Garou has a piece of the item or individual, the difficulty is reduced by one. The rite only gives the Garou a sense of the object's general location, not its exact position.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse; N.B. is Homebrew

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