Rite of Pure Breeding (Rank 2)Edit

This rite allows the Garou to observe a wolf or human of the opposite sex, and determine if he or she will provide certain desirable breeding traits. The Furies use this rite to find likely mates for female Garou.

This is a Lupus rite common to the Black Furies.


By spending one Gnosis point and making a roll of Intelligence + Primal-Urge, the Garou may determine if mating with the wolf will produce a particular characteristic. Such characteristics can include a large litter, the prevalent sex within the litter or a higher chance of Garou heritage being passed down. The difficulty is usually 7, but 9 for determining if Garou heritage may be passed on. If a wolf does not have the capability to bred for a particular capacity, it never will. However, it may be checked for other desirable traits.

Note that the higher chance does not mean automatic. The Storyteller should decide what the actual chance is of a particular trait being bred, and modify it if this rite is used successfully.

Source: 1st ed Black Furies Tribebook

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