Promethean DazeEdit

(Level Two) At first glance this rite appears almost generic. A week of feasting and cleansing isn't unique to the Glass Walkers. But look at when we hold it, and the reason behind the rite becomes clearer. The Promethean Daze happens right at the end of the year, along with human celebrations like Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and, of course, the New Year. We're often called the "tribe of Man" and this rite certainly gives some weight to the moniker.

This rite breaks down into two parts. The first part is marked by gluttony, and as a result tends to take up most of the week. We eat, drink, fight, and make love (to Kinfolk, in theory) to our hearts' content. During that time, we supposedly work to throw off our limitations. It all happens through conversations, old grudges break down over wine and dinnertime conversations find an informality that lets us find simpler ways of operating.

The second part begins when everyone is too full to eat anymore and too hung over to party. In this we try to forsee for the oncoming year. It happens in various ways, Theurges call on spirits for guidance, while others try to use clever deduction to make logical predictions. We all try to see concrete ways in which the tribe could further its spiritual, Garou, and human ties. In so doing, we renew ourselves.


This aspect of the rite refers to the second portion of the week. (All that is necessary to ensure the success of the first portion is good food, wine, and company.) The ritemaster supervises the assembled Garou in their predictions and closes the week with a toast to the sept's good fortune for the oncoming year. Afterwards, everyone gathered bows their head in a moment's silence. Sometimes this aspect is performed after other seasonal rites, but delaying the rite so is rare.

The ritemaster rolls Wits+Rituals (difficulty 7). If a simple success is achieved, all participating Garou recover all Willpower to face the new year. If three successes are gained, one Garou also has a vision of a minor evnt in the oncoming year. If five are gained, several Garou might have minor visions, or one may have a vision of a very major event indeed. This is left to Storyteller discretion.

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