Preserving the FetishEdit

This rite is designed to honor and preserve a spirit within a fetish, or other spirit imbued object. Each Garou who practices the rite introduces small variations, depending on the type of spirit and the fetish involved. The rite generally includes cleaning the fetish, and perhaps even recoating damaged layers of paint or making other such similar repairs, though many Garou (and spirits) prefer fetishes that appear to be veterans, not brand new. This rite is often assigned to cubs, who are subsiquently given the task of maintaining the fetishes of the sept. This is usually also the only time cubs are allowed near the arsenal of the sept.


The player rolls Wits+ Rituals, difficulty 8. Good roleplaying and clever ideas for honoring the spirit (emphasis on honoring here) could warrant bonus decreases in difficulty level. This ritual should be performed at least once a month, but most Garou are encouraged to use it as often as possible, especially after having used the fetish.

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