Rite of the PotlatchEdit

(Level One) This rite enjoys its popularity among the Wendigo and Croatan, although the Uktena sometimes practice it as well -- particularly in areas where multiple tribes share common Kinfolk. Most commonly used to commemorate a rise in rank, Garou also perform this rite to mark other significant occasions, such as a change in pack or sept leadership or a particularly glorious deed.


The Garou enacting this rite announces his intention to other spet members at least ten days before the actual performance. Preparation for the rite includes gathering together a bounty of food and making or acquiring sufficient gifts for the attendees. The actual rite consists of hosting a feast, giving gifts (which may include fetishes or talens) to all who attend and entertaining them with stories, songs and dances. Although this rite benefits a single Garou, her pack usually participates in the preparation and performance of the rite. Three successes on a Charisma + Etitquette roll guarantees a successful potlatch; fewer successes means that although the Garou's rise in rank or attainment of a position of leadership is accepted, the Garou must offer some other tangible proof of her worthiness to receive the honor she has just celebrated. In addition, the ritemaster gains a one-die bonus on all Social rolls when interacting with participants for the following year.

Source: Croatan Source.

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