Rite of PolarisEdit

(Level 1)

While the North Star is plenty useful in guiding a body home, sometimes you can't see it in the sky. And sometimes it gets a little confusing anyways. In those times, this rite is useful. (My flavor text is lacking tonight, pardon me.) This rite allows the Garou to mark a place they want to return to later in the day, such as a campsite, allowing them to get back to it after wandering without getting lost.

To start the rite, the ritemaster draws a glyph in the ground. This glyph does not have to be visible or permanent. As he does it, he must concentrate on the area around him, and then burn an offering. This offering could be animal parts, feathers, herbs -- whatever is on hand, provided it's purposefully given for the rite. The ash is sprinkled along the glyph while the ritemaster says a prayer and concentrates. The marker is placed, and a gaffling is attracted to the offering and made familiar with the area.

Later, to return to it, the ritemaster simply calls the gaffling back with a respectful howl, and the jaggling leads them back to the site.


At the chosen entry point, the ritemaster rolls Wits+Rituals, difficulty 7. The marker will last one day per success. If no successes are made, the marker isn't laid. (Whether the ritemaster is aware of this or not is up to Storyteller discretion.) If it botches, the rite attracts nearby hostile spirits, and the rite cannot be performed again for a day.

Once the marker is laid, the ritemaster is free to wander around. When he's ready to go back, he now rolls Charisma+Rituals, difficulty 7, to summon a gaffling to guide him back to the marker. All he needs is one success. If he gets no successes, nothing happens. If he botches, the gaffling will get lost on the way to the marker, leading the ritemaster astray.

The ritemaster may only place one marker a day, and no two markers can exist simultaneously. If a new marker is placed while an old one is active, the old one disappears.

Note: Heather created this rite, so if you want it, talk to Luna first.

Source: Homebrew

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