(Level 4)

  • Note: This is a Nezumi (Ratkin) rite.

Seers are the keepers of ancient wisdom, but also receive revelations to aid them in solving problems. If kept in isolation for at least a week, the Seers of a nest can join together to create a new disease to spread across the nearest site of human population. Succumbing to the disease usually just incapacitates a human for a week or so. If it's the right human, however, the Rite is an excellent way to prepare him for his assassination or abduction.


The initial roll for this rite is Intelligence + Rituals (difficulty 9); each additional Seer reduces the difficulty by 1 (to a minimum of 4). The plague lasts one day for each success. Rodens can then swarm an area as large as a city block and spread the disease. Anyone living in that neighborhood should make a Stamina roll. The difficulty depends on the state of overcrowding; a community in rural China might be difficulty 5, while a tenement in Mongkok would be difficulty 9. Each victim (relevant to the story, of course) must make a successful Stamina roll each day or lose one Health Level. Fortunately, Hakken Garou and other shen have talents of their own for recovering from disease.

Source: Hengeyokai

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