Rite of the Parted VeilEdit

When this ritual is performed three times on three different occasions upon a subject, the Veil is permanently pierced, and the target (most often human, although sometimes a wolf) is immune to the Delirium forever, and the Curse is likewise lessened. This rite is only performed after the Children of Gaia make an exhaustive study of the target and determine his or her suitability. It is often done for mates who wish to join the Children of Gaia as allies and become part of the Kinfolk network.

Although this rite is similar to Rending of the Veil (level four), tribal elders warn that it must never be used against the person's will. It is not used to terrify an unsuspecting or Wyrm-tainted human, but to welcome a newcomer to the family of Kinfolk.


Standard for Mystical rites.

Source: Children of Gaia Sourcebook

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