Note: This is a Hengeyokai rite only.

Rite of the Opened WayEdit

(Level Two) This rite is performed on newly-Changed hengeyokai who are entering the service of the Beast Courts. Before undergoing this rite, younglings have learned the Mandates by heart, and must undergo a minor trial of worth. Unlike the Garou Rite of Passage, these trials are usually undergone alone, unless by the blessings of Heaven, enough newly-Changed shapeshifters are available to form a new sentai.

After the tests of ability and knowledge, the aspiring hengeyokai are brought under the light of the moon for this rite. There the ritemaster purifies each one in turn, and guides them into a state of meditation. As each one opens himself to the new life before him, the ritemaster speaks the words of the rite over their heads. Each cub will see visions before his eyes as this happens, visions that illustrate the Way that lies before him. Those meant for the role of the Fist, for example, might see visions of war and weapons or images of clenched talons. As the ritemaster concludes the chant, the cub comes fully awake and speaks of his vision. The ritemaster then anoints the cub with a painted pictogram marking his auspice, and presents him with the wooden badge due his new rank.


Apart from the formal Charisma + Rituals roll, there are no real systems to this rite. The Storyteller should, as always, evoke the scene in his players' senses, but dicerolling should play little or no part in this rite.

Source: Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters of the East

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