Rite of the Opened Caern (Rank 1)Edit

Caerns are highly spiritual places and are sacred to those who create them. Each caern has a specific power associated with it, generally of a beneficial nature. Thus, there are caerns of Rage, caerns of Gnosis, Strength, Enigmas, etc. If a character is knowledgeable enough, she may be able to tap into the caern's power and use it herself. This is commonly called "opening" a caern. Opening a caern should not be attempted lightly. Caerns do not easily give up their energies, and failure to harness such power properly can result in serious damage to the Garou.

Each caern has its own requirements of the ritemaster. The ritemaster must prove herself worthy of the caern's energies. In order to open a caern of Enigmas, a Garou might walk a spiral path while calling out the Greek myth of Persephone, while to open a caern of Rage, the Garou might transform into Crinos and chant forth the litany of his ancestors who have fallen to the Wyrm. The key is forging a connection to the particular spirit of the caern.

  • If performed after the Moot rite, this rite temporarily offers the listed bonus to all who are currently participating in the Moot. Any bonuses end at the completion of the accompanying Revel.


To open a caern, a character engages in a resisted, extended success test of Wits + Rituals (difficulty 7). The number of successes needed equals the caern's level.

The character is opposed by the caern spirit. The caern spirit uses its caern level as a Dice Pool. It's difficulty equals the character's Gnosis, while the number of successes needed equals the character's Willpower. The first one to garner the necessary number of successes wins.

If the character wins the test, she can add the caern's rating to her Dice Pool when performing actions appropriate to that caern's focus. If she loses, however, she takes wounds equal to the number of success by which the caern beat her. A botch indicates the wounds are aggravated. These physical and spiritual wounds are the results of a backlash of spiritual energy.

See the Caerns Chart for a list of caern types, their powers and the spirits that can often be encountered near them.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse.

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