Rite of the Opened Bridge (Rank 4)Edit

This rite creates a Moon Bridge, a shimmering portal serving as a mystical means of transportation between two caerns. Such Moon Bridges are vital links between the sacred spaces of Gaia. Once per year a caern must renew its connection with other caerns to which it wishes to maintain Moon Bridges. This rite is always held during a moot and must be enacted simultaneously by both participating caerns.

The primary requirement to open a Moon Bridge is a Moongem, or Pathstone as it is most often called. Pathstones are found in the Umbra and are often the objects of quests. These extraordinarily rare stones resemble flat pearls with the imprint of wolf's paw on one side. It is possible to steal a Pathstone from a caern, but such a theft is considered blasphemous and may well result in war between two Garou septs.

The rite establishes (or reestablishes) a spiritual connection between the Pathstone of one caern and the Pathstone of a second caern by way of the two caerns' totem spirits. At the rite's culmination, a Moon Bridge opens between the two participating caerns. During this time Garou from both septs can travel between the caerns to join in a wild revel. Moon Bridges allow Garou to traverse distance in 1/1000th the normal time required. This rite must be renewed once every 13 moons (roughly a year).


This rite is very potent. Characters may occasionally perform this rite, but more often Storyteller-run mystics will enact the ritual, although the characters will often help in some way.

The roll is Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8 minus the level of the ritemaster's own caern). The ritemaster may spend Willpower on the roll. If her pack totem is the same as the totem of the caern, she receives a bonus of three dice to the roll. If the rite was previously unsuccessful, the difficulty level of the rite is increased by one. The ritemaster needs to obtain a number of successes equal to the target caern's level to complete the rite.

If the rite succeeds, the Moon Bridge opens immediately and the spirit-bond between the two Pathstones is established. Moon Bridges may now be opened at any time between the two caerns. The Bridges may be opened with the Rite of the Opened Caern (see above) or the Ragabash Gift: Open Moon Bridge (if performed at the caern). If the rite fails, no Moon Bridge opens, and the rite must be tried again next year. Moon Bridges to the caern may still be opened, but they are not as safe as they might be...

If the rite botches, no Moon Bridge opens, and the Pathstone in the caern is scorched by the badly handled energies. Botching this rite often leads to another rite - the Rite of Ostracism, performed against the offending Garou.

See the Caerns Chart for Moon Bridge distances.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse.

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