This rite is a means by which the Garou becomes known to the spirits as a friend. It can affect the demeanor of summoned or encountered spirits by turning non-Wyrm hostile spirits into neutrals or friendlies. Various offerings, from tobacco to food, are required. Basically, the Garou must smoke a pipe of tobacco every morning or evening for an entire moon cycle, or provide a small offering from every meal he consumes during that cycle (by burying it nearby or leaving it in a place that animal spirits frequent).


After a complete moon cycle (from new to full) of daily observance, the character rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 6). Each success adds one success to the roll used to determine a summoned spirit's demeanor (from hostile to friendly). In addition, these successes should be tallied and used to add in a similar manner to rolls made when meeting spirits. This bonus applies only to the next spirit encountered, although the Storyteller may instead allow it to steadily decrease with each new encounter, if the character carries herself well.

Source: Wendigo Sourcebook

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