Rite of Natale (Level 2) Edit

Created by the Stargazers as a means of determining the planetary spirits' influences on a particular individual's destiny, this rite enlists the aid of Star-spirits to recreate an image of the sky at the moment of a Garou's birth. This allows the ritemaster to cast a "horoscope" for the subject of the ceremony. Neither the ritemaster nor the subject needs to know the exact moment of the subject's birth, though such knowledge makes the rite easier to perform. The power of the rite enables the spirits to portray the correct configuration of planets and constellations - thus revealing the precise date and time to the participants.

Although originally used only by Stargazers, a few Garou from other tribes who have studied the concept of Garou astrology have learned the rite from their teachers (in most cases, naturally, a Stargazer).

System Edit

The ritemaster rolls Wits + Enigmas, difficulty 7; knowledge of the exact date involved lowers the difficulty to 6. A single success allows the enactor of the rite to determine the ruling planet of a Garou's birth, as well as the subject's auspice. Additional successes provide more detailed knowledge of the positions of the other planets as well as revealing the precise moment of birth. The GM determines the amount of information learned from the rite.

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