Rite of Motherhood (Rank 1)Edit

This simple Rite marks a Fury's shift from Maiden status to Mother status. As noted elsewhere, the title "Maiden" is not strictly accurate; the spirits begin to treat a Fury as a Mother as soon as she becomes pregnant. In some septs, this spiritual change is sufficient, while in others it might take until the child is born, and in most conservative septs a Fury is considered a Maiden until she gives birth to a child who lives for one lunar year. Regardless of when the sept declares the Fury to be a Mother, when the time is right, this ritual is performed.

Mother and child are separated, and the young mother is bound -- this may be simply a symbolic binding, a rope lightly draped over her, or it may be shackles and chains. The Mother breaks free of the bonds and comes to her child's side while the Mothers and Crones of the sept watch; when she reaches her child again, the older women of the tribe welcome her.


There are no game mechanics to this rite, though the Fury may have to make a Strength or Willpower roll to escape from sufficiently strong bonds.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised

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