Moon DanceEdit

This rite seeks prophetic wisdom from the Moon, especially concerning adventures or war parties. Rite participants all gather in the Umbra and proceed along a Moon Path (randomly chosen by the ritemaster). If the Moon favours their dance, a Lune appears and gifts the party with visions of the coming future, though only with regard to the object of their quest or war party: They might see Pentex executives leaving their office at night, meaning that monkeywrenchers may have an easier time breaking in then, or they might see a Wyld-spirit harassing one of the ritualists, meaning that such a spirit may trouble them in their coming venture.

Garou who seek potent visions scar themselves with klaives to show their devotion to the Moon and their willingness for sacrifice.


The ritemaster rolls Wits + Rituals (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines both the number of visions (clues) given and their degree of import (Storyteller's discretion). The difficulty of the roll drops by one per participant who cuts herself with silver (-3 maximum).

Source: Wendigo Sourcebook

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