There are various mantras -- words of power -- used by Stargazers to achieve certain effects. Each mantra must be chanted during the course of the rite, which usually lasts for one minute per level to cast, during which the Stargazer can take no other actions. Most mantra effects last for a scene.

Roll Manipulation + Rituals, difficulty 9 - Rank (masters tend to be better at these than initiates).

The examples given below are those in human languages; there are also many Garou or wolf tongue mantras, but these cannot be reproduced in print.

Level 1Edit

By chanting the universal word of creation and unity, Stargazers can calm others down and diffuse violence. Rage rolls are at +1 difficulty for all beings who hear the chant.

Level 2Edit

Om Habhava Dhi
Calls upon Serene Habhava. Grants wisdom. All Wits or Intelligence rolls are at -1 difficulty.

Level 3Edit

Om Chakala Phat
Calls upon Fierce Chakal. Drives away evil influences and distractions -- Banes cannot manifest in the area and Enigmas rolls are at -1 difficulty. In addition, Black Spiral Dancers in the area suffer a reverse effect, that of distraction: +1 difficulty on Enigmas rolls.

Source: Stargazer Sourcebook

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