(Level 0 Rite)

A drink, any drink, may be purified to cull away poisons and heighten its intoxicant properties to an extreme degree. Generally, this is used with bizarre mixtures of substances, experiments with grains, fruits, and herbs to create a flavorful brew.

System Edit

The exact ritual varies among the camps of Fianna that perform it, as well as the mixture it's being performed on. After the Rite is done, all mundane poisons and dangerous impurities are expunged from the mixture. If the brew was non-alcoholic, it takes on the potency of hard liquor. If the brew is beer, wine, or equivalent, it becomes as intoxicating as pure ethanol. Hard liquor that has had this Rite performed on it becomes powerful enough to intoxicate a Glabro for a few minutes.

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