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Plentiful in folk tales and urban legend, the lucky charm is no myth - or at least exists on in form of this rite. Those who carry an activated Lucky Charm tend to see surprising moments of happiness and good fortune.


This rite is performed by clutching the desired object in one hand and whispering a prayer that somehow exalts that spirits of luck and good fortune: The prayer could be directed to Lady Luck, Tyche (or Demeter), Sri, Mithra, Hotei, Njord, or any other similar deity or spirit will work. Coin currency is most often used for this rite, as it represents fortune and plenty, but any other object that has a similar meaning will work.

An object activated in this way must be carried or worn on the person for one week before its power will begin to take affect. Should the Lucky Charm at any point be removed (taken off, or placed aside), the power fades until the object is again carried or worn for another full week. A Lucky Charm allows for any one reroll (GM discretion of course) once a scene. The result of the second roll must be taken.

Source: Homebrew

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