Rite of the Lone Wolf (Rank 5)Edit

No greater punishment can be meted out than to ostracize a Garou from the sept. This rite strips the Garou of all her privileges and all her ties to sept, tribes and lineage. The Lone Wolf, or Ronin, must leave Garou society permanently. No longer welcome at any gathering, she walks her road alone. These single Garou, separated from the protection of the pack and tribe, often meet a violent end

Many Garou choose death over banishment, but the incidence of Ronin Garou is on the rise. A Ronin may even remain with her pack, if the pack allows it. Ronin continue to gain Renown and even rank, although at a vastly slower rate. They may learn new rank Gifts from spirits or a heavily bribed mentor.


Only the vilest crimes ever warrant the enactment of this rite. A council of elders must decide whether the severity of the crimes require this form of punishment. Once this rite is chosen, the ritemaster ceremoniously removes all the Garou's belongings, revokes her name, leads her to the edge of the Caern and turns his back on her. No howl of mourning sounds, no tears are shed; the Garou simply no longer exists in the minds of the sept.

The Ronin Garou loses all temporary Renown. The ritemaster gains two Wisdom points but loses two temporary Honor for performing this task.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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