Rite of Imprisonment (Level 3)Edit

Note: This is a Black Spiral Dancer Rite.

This rite is a frightening severance of the victim from Gaia's boons. In order to perform this rite, the ritemaster must ritually prepare their blade beforehand. The blade must not have been used for anything but ritual purposes previously, and must be made of stone, obsidian, bone, or other natural materials, or it may be a fetish. To prepare it, they must whet it with their own blood and the blood of an innocent until it's coated and let to dry whilst the ritemaster chants over it. When this part is complete, the blade is ultra sharp and ready for the ritual itself.

The Dancer must engage their victim, and use the blade to sever a body part. Generally smaller body parts are better: an ear, a finger, a chunk of flesh; as the severed part in question should then be plucked up and stored in a bottle. All through this, the ritemaster must chant in the Wyrm's tongue for the full ten minutes. When the rite is complete, for as long as that body part is in its imprisonment, the victim is also imprisoned in their body: they are, effectively, Kinfolk for the duration of the punishment.


The ritemaster rolls Wits + Rituals (difficulty 7) to whet and prepare the blade, and then Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 7) to complete the ritual on the victim. A botch would merely fail the rite.

For the duration of the punishment, the victim can no longer feel their Rage or their connection to Gaia and the world around them (Gnosis). They no longer regenerate or heal aggravated damage, and their soak is the same as a normal mortal's. They may not use their Gifts, nor may they receive or contribute pack boons past keeping the pack together. If the victim was metis, they are forced either into homid or lupus for the duration of the rite (Ritemaster's choice). Otherwise the victim is forced into their breed form. All other mechanics work as if the Garou has become kin (i.e. difficulty 6 for Mother's Touch, etc).

The body part that was severed can be grown back with applied healing, but it will not function at its full potential. For example, a severed ear would work at half its ability, or a chunk of flesh healed would be numb and nerve-damaged. Woe to the victim whose heart or other internal organ was cut for this rite! Full ability will return when the body part is released from the bottle.

It should be noted that getting cut off from their gnosis alone would traumatize most well-adjusted Garou. This punishment is not a fun one, and Spirals tend to use it against Gaian Garou far more than they use it against their own.

Source: Homebrew

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