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Rite of the ImpergiumEdit

The fell Rite of the Impergium takes place one fourth of a moon-time (one week) after Summer Solstice. On this night, the Red Talons gather and howl out the Song of the Impergium. The Howl is in turn grating, guttural, derisive, commanding and murderous, and any save the Talons who hear its music inevitably attempt to flee its source. Unfortunately for any humans who are within range of the Talons' howls, they may well not be able to run far or fast enough to escape what so often becomes their own dirge.

The rite is simple and to the point, although the Talosn claim the rite has nuances even other Garou have lost the capability to understand. The Talosn often point to these shadings as proof that they are the only Garou who remember the true mission of their people, who grasp the truth of their Mother's will. Although the Red Talons generally bow to the long-ago decision to end the Impergium, on this one night they throw off the burden of the ridiculous compact and enforce the Impergium again. The ritemaster, the Alpha of the pack, leads the howl recounting the halcyon days of the Impergium and the subsequent failure of the Garou when they repealed their sacred duty to Gaia. As the Howl ends, the Alpha leads his pack on a massive sweep of the pack's territory or beyond, searching out humans to cull from the herd. Although they seldom attack a whole town, ranches, campers, rest stops and the like are commonly attacked. During the attack, the Talons continue the deep-throated, ululating growl taht is the refrain of the Song of the Impergium. At dawn, the Red Talons normally return to their normal territory, far from all human habitation.

Source: Werewolf Storytellers' Handbook

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