Rite of the HuntEdit

The Hunt is called against Garou who have committed capital crimes, yet still retain a vestige of honor. Murderers (although not treasonous ones) and the like are Hunted. All Garou participating in a Hunt streak their bodies with ancient symbols in paint or clay. These symbols mark the Garou as part of a Hunting Pack, and all other Garou will make way for Hunters so marked. It is an honor to be chosen for inclusion in a Hunt. The ritemaster, or Master of the Hunt, leads the pack. The Hunt is just that; the criminal is hunted down and killed by the pack. There is no quarter given, although (for what it's worth) death exculpates the condemned Garou. Many tragic stories tell of Garou forced to choose between violating their word and committing a grave crime. Such Garou, so the stories go, chose to honor their word and were Hunted, but displayed such valor during their last stand that they gained much posthumous Renown.


This rite can be roleplayed using the tracking rules given in Chapter Nine: Drama; alternatively, it can be simulated by rolling the ritemaster's Charisma + Rituals (difficulty of the condemned's Rank + 4). Failure means that the condemned fought well and is accorded much posthumous Glory, while a botch means he eluded his Hunters and can live out his life as a ronin.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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