Note: This is a hengeyokai rite only.

Rite of Hell Made FleshEdit

(Level Five) One of the direst punishments known to the Courts, this rite is reserved for those who have betrayed the Emerald Mother and her servants in the most heinous of ways. The subject is dragged out to a desolate place where none will hear his cries or care (this actually includes certain urban districts, in some cases). The ritemaster describes the subject's crimes, appealing to the spirits to punish such treachery. They do so in a horrible way -- by slowly transmuting the victim's bones into silver, gold, or hong mu rosewood, whichever is most appropriate. The change begins at the feet and proceeds upwards to the skull -- by the end of the rite's completion, the subject has been boiled alive by his own skeleton. Even if the subject is in breed form, his death is hideous. The body is then disposed of in the most matter-of-fact way possible, to avoid further offending the spirits -- some greedy homids who've cut open the corpse for the silver or gold have found themselves cursed with horrible withering ailments for coveting the byproduct of treachery.


Once the process has begun, there is no way to save the subject; death is guaranteed. Some whisper that a variant rite exists, one which is usable on other shen -- but there is no proof, as using it on another shen would cause a diplomatic incident of riotous proportion.

Source: Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters of the East.

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