Rite of the HedgeEdit

In days past, the Garou enjoyed good relations with the Fae. In modern times, some shifters still find it good practice to keep them in a friendly disposition, whether that comes from superstition or actual diplomatic reasons. For this rite, the ritemaster draws a line around the protected area in ash, and at each of the corners, they draw/carve/paint/etc the glyph for Alliance. It's said that the ash will keep out those with harm in mind, while the glyph shows the friendlier types they're in a welcoming place.


This rite lasts to the end of the moonphase it is performed in, and must be done over again with each change in phases. While there is no physical change a garou can see, those who can see glamour see a thorny hedge of briar along the line of ash. Those with good or neutral intentions will see a gateway in the hedge that stands open to a path leading them inside. They feel welcomed as an old friend. For those with malicious intent, they do not see the gateway, only the hedge. They can choose to make a Willpower roll (diff 7) to push their way through the hedge. Only one success is needed. Failure indicates that the hedge is impenetrable. Botching means that you are physically pushed from the hedge and sustain 1 lethal health level.

Source: Homebrew

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