(Level 1)

  • Note: This is a City Farmers (Glass Walkers) rite.

This rite is a remarkable backup measure for traditional City Farmers, allowing them to cause plants to grow in strange locations. The plants do not grow unusually quickly, but can grow in plastic, concrete or other unusual places, drawing nutrients from the source. Three Garou are needed to make this rite work.

The ritemaster makes an indentation in the surface using a claw, and plants the seed of the plant into it. The three then hold hand sin a triangle around it, kneeling, and request the spirit of the material that it nuture and care for the plant. If the spirit agrees, a small green shoot will appear immediately.


The ritemaster rolls Wits + Rituals. The difficulty depends on the surface area. An abandoned lot is 5, a typical city building is 7, and an oil spill would be 9. Each success guarantees the plant's survival for one month. After that as much regular watering and care as for any other plant is required.

Source: Glass Walkers, Revised

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