Rite of the GriffinEdit

This ceremony is seldom performed by the Red Talons, as it inevitably results in the death of one of their valued members. Sometimes a Talon reaches a point where she cannot tolerate what she see as the compromise of the Red Talons, and certain death is no longer enough to prevent her from trying to wipe out the humans. The alpha of her pack calls a Rite of the Griffin in which the entire pack participates.

The Garou for whom the rite is being performed stands in a ring formed by her pack members as the ritemaster recounts her greatest deeds and invokes the spirit of the Griffin to inspire the Garou. If the ritemaster is successful, Griffin gives the Red Talon who is to die a final boon. Her Rage and Gnosis are refreshed to their maximum level, and she enters a final and pure frenzy. While in this frenzy, she is immune to any supernatural powers that would force her to diverge from her purpose. She will not leave the frenzy until she dies. The rite ends when the enraged Talon runs off toward her goal and the pack howls a mournful howl after her. The pack then wait for a time and begin the Gathering for the Departed.


The ritemaster rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 8) to petition Griffin for aid to the despairing packmate. Even if this roll is not successful, the supplicant often travels to a scab and dies in a futile attempt to destroy the heart of the Wyrm.

Source: Red Talon Sourcebook

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