Rite of the Green CornEdit

(Level One) This rite, unlike many Garou powers, is meant mainly to benefit their Kinfolk. When performed in a certain area, it causes the ground to become more fertile, to produce more food and to feed more animals from its bounty. It is a seasonal rite, performed just before planting time to ensure the maximum yield.


The Garou performing the rite walks the area to be blessed, sifting corn pollen onto the ground. Once the area has been covered, she rolls a Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 6) to call forth friendly spirits to nourish the land. The Storyteller decides how much greater the yield will be and whether the food thus produced will have additional nutritional value or other properties depending on the number of successes achieved.

There is a degenerate version of this rite practiced by some modern-day descendents of Croatan Kinfolk who have lost the bloodline but not their traditions. These backcountry folks have interpreted the water the rite calls for as blood -- which is dangerous business for strangers who come to town.

Source: Croatan Song.

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