Grace of MahalakshmiEdit

(level 0 rite)

The famous Lakshmi Gayathri Sloka "Om Mahalakshmichae Vidmahe sri Vishnupathinichae Dhi-Mahi Thanno Lakshmi Prachodayat" is a powerful prayer contained in the Vedic Sri Sukta, which when chanted everyday 108 times is known to grace the chanter with the grace and luck of the Goddess within 90 days.


Upon reciting this prayer for the first time, and so long as the Bastet continues to recite this prayer daily, she may summon the grace of Mahalakshmi to transform any single botch or failure into an extraordinary success (GM's discretion).

To receive the benefit of this effect, the Bastet must have begun reciting the above prayer without fail 108 times every day. The benefit may occur any time after that initial day, but may only be used once within that 90-day period. Once the benefit is used, the Bastet must fulfill the 90-day "contract" (if they haven't already) before being afforded the benefit of this rite again.

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